Vangelis, Grand Opening of Katara Ampitheatre


The Vital Spark team were asked to supply the power cabling and distro for a private show to officially open the brand new amphitheatre in the Katara Centre in Doha, Qatar.

It was a spectacular show especially composed by the greek artist Vangelis and also starring Angela Gheorghiu, Roberto Alagna, The Qatar Philharmonic and a 160 piece russian choir, The Qatar Children’s Choir and a host of world musicians.

For us, it was a great achievement having to contend with all the paperwork and working in a true international team with a German lighting crew, French sound crew, Blink TV, local engineers doing the motors for the centre of the screen and the folks from Creative Technology doing the projection onto the huge 150 metre x 40 metre screen – the biggest one ever built. The pictures speak for themselves.

What They Say: “I have worked with Brian on the prestigious opening of the Katar Facility in Qatar. Brian illustrated an eye for detail with regards to the entire electrical installation for the event. Brian ensured the installation was meticulous and showed a great level of respect for the facility where the event was being hosted. Brian always conducted himself as a true professional and was ever the consummate gentleman. When under pressure he remained calm focused and was comfortable taking control to resolve the situation, a pleasure to work with.”
– Gerard Sweeney

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