We can provide any type of generators from 5kva up to 1250kva with full synchronisation systems available if required. These can be especially useful for peace of mind in live concerts and broadcasting scenarios where power uptime needs to be guaranteed. Our generator stock is state of the art and we also have good supply relationships with many national hirers allowing us to bring in additional units when needed including quiet running models.

We also have specialist bunded fuel bowsers and tanks which prevent fuel leakage and mess from refuelling operations. All of our crew are trained in fuel management and generator servicing to ensure that any units are fully maintained and always operational on-site.


We hold a vast stock of cabling for all distribiton requirements for any large scale event (for example a large festival). Our cables range from 13amp to 400amp in single phase and three phase and are tested regularly to ensure safe operation. Connections are provided via ceeform or powerlock plugs/sockets.

Distribution boards, splitters, transformers and change over switches can all be provided allowing endless configuration and we also have a number of cable ramps to protect leads which run in areas of vehicle access.


Vital Spark can supply a range of different lighting options depending on your requirements. We hold stock of festoon (over 20km), halogens, metal halide, encased fluourescent tubes and energy saving lights. We also have numerous ‘green emergency lights’ which can be used to illuminate exit points for health and safety requirements. We also keep a large stock of coloured MBI’s for doing architectural and arborial (trees) lighting effects.


Vital Spark is dedicated to a green approach to site and event power. Where possible we invest in the latest energy saving products and fuels and we always consider the environmental impact when powering a site. We will also endeavour to continue to improve our green credentials as the technology advances and new systems become available.

In short, Vital Spark Limited can provide everything you may possibly need to power your event. Please visit the contact us page in order to make a detailed enquiry.